Your Membership Advisers

Gina - Membership Adviser
Your Membership Adviser

Gina RowCliffe

Gina joined the Dating Options Group in early 2019 to become our specialist Adviser on Ultimate Attraction, having previously enjoyed a highly successful career in the entertainment industry working with some of the UK’s most famous entertainers. More recently she has been in optical and hearing care. Gina is fascinated by all aspects of human relationships and is therefore perfect for the role as a Membership Adviser. She handles our enquiries from the very first contact with people looking for a new partner and specialises in guiding them through the process of becoming a member. Gina has a very friendly and gentle manner but is happy to talk through your circumstances and how you could benefit from becoming a member but without any sort of obligation too. Contact Gina on 0800 644 4190.

Gina - Membership Adviser
Your Membership Adviser

Helen Freemantle

Helen Freemantle is our resident Relationship Expert, who provides optional initial and ongoing support to our clients throughout their membership term. Your initial consultation with Helen is free as part of your membership with us, so if you have any doubts or uncertainty about joining us or your readiness to meet a new partner, then Helen could be the person to help you make that initial step, she’s available on 0800 644 4190.

Gina - Membership Adviser
Your Headhunter

Alex Rollisson

Alex Rollisson plays an absolutely vital role within Ultimate Attraction as our Headhunter, which is an increasingly important aspect of personal matchmaking and a key part of the service a top matchmaking company would like to provide. Alex has access to some of the most eligible and attractive people in the UK, so if you aren’t currently meeting the right calibre of people – maybe Ultimate Attraction could change that. Talk to Alex on 0800 644 4190.

Karen - Membership Adviser
Senior Matchmaker

Karen Hyde

As our Senior Matchmaker, Karen works hand in hand with Alex, our Head-hunter and is here to welcome you once you have registered with us. Karen is your point of contact for matchmaking and will draw on her extensive experience of helping clients to find their perfect match. She will enjoy getting to know all about you and to finding out what’s most important in your potential partner. Talk to Karen on 0800 644 4190.