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Chrissie - Membership Adviser
Your Membership Adviser

Chrissie Brickley

Chrissie joined our sister company The Country Register in 2014 and Ultimate Attraction this year, having spent much of her career in Education where she supported more than 60 schools in an advisory and pre inspection capacity. Her ability to listen to others and grasp information enables Chrissie to build accurate portfolios with detail and precision. Chrissie has a happy, positive, out going nature and is innately friendly and approachable. She has the ability to enable others to reflect their hopes and dreams and to ultimately fulfil their lives. Above all, Chrissie has a genuine desire for her clients to enhance their lives and find renewed happiness and love.

Gina - Membership Adviser
Your Membership Adviser

Gina RowCliffe

Gina joined Ultimate Attraction to help us extend our service to cover the whole of the UK in early 2019, having enjoyed a highly successful career in the entertainment industry and more recently in optical and hearing care. Gina is fascinated by all aspects of human relationships and matchmaking and is therefore a really good person to take our initial enquiries and talk through the significant differences between our comprehensive and high end service and going it alone online, with internet based dating. Gina is friendly, bubbly and ultra positive and is available to clients right across the UK mainland. She resides in Blackpool, Lancashire.