The Best Dating Site 2019

Our Nomination

We are delighted to announce that the newly redesigned Ultimate Attraction site has been nominated for consideration as one of the Best Dating Sites of 2019 in the Dating Agency Association Awards. We are really pleased to have received this honour, which is recognition for our Web Developers Richard Greenhalgh and Joe Hodgson and their decision to move away from our trusted Wordpress technology to design this site through Joomla, to give it an exciting new look and feel.  

It has always been a popular site, that is clear, well written and easily navigated. The content has been provided in the main by Trelawney Kerrigan, a successful author of ‘Be the Hollywood Heroine of your own Life’ and ‘Be the woman he falls for not the girl he sleeps with’ and it is concise but clearly sets out our service and how it works. It is therefore very encouraging to be recognised by the Dating Agency Association in this way.   

The Dating Agency Association is a truly independent organisation under the Chairmanship of ‘Mr Dating – Eddy Ankrett’, that was first launched as long ago as 1993. Then known as the Introductions Services Federation, it was relaunched in 2014, under the new name and now serves 12 members including Ultimate Attraction. 

About Ultimate Attraction

Ultimate Attraction was launched in 2014 under the guidance and experience of one of the dating industries best known figures in Elizabeth Fogarty, the brains behind Attractive Partners, in the early part of the new millennium, as Attractive Partners, more sophisticated and upmarket little sister and has since gone on to attract some of the best known and most attractive clients in the UK. 

Ultimate Attraction initially concentrated on the exclusive London market initially, but due to public demand and people from other locations across the UK wanting to become members, we have now opened membership to mainland Great Britain and have developed the UK’s largest database of personally interviewed and vetted professionals between 30 and 60. 

Our Service

We offer a service that is significantly safer and more discreet than online dating. Never will there be any online profile or photographs of our clients on a public website, with your professionally created profile only ever being accessed by you, your own Personal matchmaker and carefully selected others that we have researched who we feel are a good fit for you, as a potential partner. 

We also carry out comprehensive checks on each and every member before they are allowed to join. These include, residency to ensure all members are genuinely single, for any involvement in fraud or money crime anywhere in the world and also for solvency, to make sure that people are joining Ultimate Attraction for the right reasons and are not seeking financial gain.

We have access to some of the most attractive and eligible singles in London and around the UK and therefore you can join with confidence – our success rate is also very high too, with the majority of people finding someone they really like and are attracted to during their membership. Which is exactly what we want to achieve, there is also a guaranteed number of introductions too.

So a site that has been nominated for a prestigious award and a service that is totally comprehensive but one that is actually very competitively priced, particularly amongst London based competitors, where the average price of a personal matchmaking service is now over £13,800, which means that our pricing is 35% cheaper than the average even for our VIP product and less than 50% for our lower priced Access product. You can join with confidence therefore. 

Who’s Who at Ultimate Attraction and contact details 

Most of our initial enquiries are handled by Chrissie Brickley, whose main career prior to joining us was as a Headteacher and also preparing schools for Ofsted Assessments in her home county of Hampshire. Chrissie is outgoing, positive, happy and more than anything else has a really strong desire to help people and help them create fulfilment and happiness in their own lives. She is always frank and straight forward and will know very quickly whether or not we can help you and whether or not Ultimate Attraction would be right for you.  

So would you like more information or to speak with us? There is never any sort of obligation or compulsion to join, just an honest and straight forward dialogue about our site, our service and what to expect if you did decide to become a member. If you would like to speak to Chrissie or any one of our Matchmaking Team, then please phone us on 0800 644 4190 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you, usually within 24 working hours. We’d love to hear from you.

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