90s Dating Trends We Want To Bring Back

August 11th, 2022



Dating in the 90s Was a Simple Process

Couples met at work; in the pub; in the local nightclub; on holiday; at the leisure centre; on a blind date arranged by a friend. Without the internet, the chances of meeting someone were infinitely smaller. This meant that more effort went into each date. Finding a potential partner was a thrilling development. At Ultimate Attraction, we’ve been thinking about the 90s dating trends we want to bring back!

Exchanging Numbers and Waiting All Week For The Phone to Ring

Forget instant messaging, protocol suggested that a Thursday night call was ideal for arranging a Saturday night date. Therefore, regardless of how early in the week you exchanged numbers, it is likely several days of giddy hope would pass before the landline would finally ring. Pre caller-ID, one always had to prepare for the disappointment of lunging at the receiver only to find an old aunt or a double glazing salesmen at the other end. However, the joyous possibility of hearing a new and exciting voice suggesting an evening at ‘the pictures’ made the ordeal absolutely worthwhile.

Inviting Friends Over to ‘Help You Get Ready’

Going on a date was a big deal in the 90s. Few had a bench of ‘substitutes’ lined up if things didn’t go well. People wanted to make an impactful first impression. Generally, a trip to the local shopping mall would be required in order to purchase a new outfit/body-spray/’wash in – wash-out’ hair colour. This would be followed by a chaotic session of ‘getting ready with friends’. At some point, Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ would be played to set the mood. Finally, one would be handed a piece of Spearmint gum before being waved off.

Making a Mix Tape to Demonstrate a Willingness to Commit

Pre WhatsApp, love-struck singles would take the time to carefully select eight to ten romantic songs and record them onto a cassette. This practice probably explains Mariah Carey’s popularity in the 90s (if you did not receive a tape containing ‘Fantasy’ your dating game was lacking).

People had to work a little harder for love in the 90s. Anticipation, effort and commitment were the buzz words of the time. We are ready to bring all of these things back to dating in 2022!

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