Dating tips to find love over the festive period!

November 10th, 2022


You never know how or where love may strike! Some say it’s a number game, others say it is the luck of the draw, fate or just ‘when it’s meant to be it will be’. But like all things in life, you have to be in it to win it. Here are five suggestions to increase your odds of finding love when the online dating sites alone may have failed you. gym

The Gym - find love getting fit!

There’s no better place to engage regularly with a set of people (of any age) and build genuine rapport. Many other places that you go to day-to-day only allow for one off encounters, and don’t really allow you the chance to get to know someone. At a gym you are pretty much guaranteed to see the same someone over and over again. If they catch your eye, even if they are in a relationship at the time, they may just become single and ready to mingle down the line. Plus, the added benefit is that the gym is good for the mind, body and soul making you all the more dateable! party with friends

Social Events – mix to match!

Christmas events, parties and other festive engagements!

YES it is the only time of the year where you are guaranteed to meet a hoard of people strutting their tinsel dazzling stuff. Ensure you get your single and sassy self to as many of these events as you can and be sure to mingle. A fizzy prosecco or mulled wine may give that added confidence you need to put yourself out there and under the mistletoe, the perfect chance to be more forward than you would normally. After all, love like fortune, favours the brave. camping

Joining recreational clubs and hobbies – likeminded love

Walking clubs have become new meetup crazes and promoted heavily across Facebook and other social platforms in all local areas. Walk and talk and get to know new friends or a potential lover. Hobbies like yoga, cooking clubs and golf can attract ladies and men alike. After all the best relationships are those where you have a lot in common!

man is hiding flowers over his back from woman

Asking friends – friends have benefits!

You will be surprised just how many of your friends have single friends but failed to acknowledge or realise how they could be personal matchmakers and your greatest ally. Why not ask them to go on the hunt for you. After all nobody knows better what suits you and this way, they are sure to get an invite to the wedding.


Coffee shop – brief encounters

The supermarket aisle and coffee shops approach to finding love doesn’t always cut it these days, unless you are prone to dropping your drink or carton of milk and expecting Prince or Princess Charming to dash to the rescue! Confidence calls if you are to find love at Waitrose. For those that have the bravado to make an approach if someone is clearly giving you the eye, then asking if someone is single isn’t completely forbidden! But be sure to do it with polite address. Long live the phrase ‘don’t ask don’t get’.

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