The Journey Of A Membership Adviser

Alexandra’s Journey

My journey in the dating industry started out in 2015 where I worked exclusively as a Personal Matchmaker. I can honestly say that the relationship I had with my clients was that of a friendship and I could be called upon, not only for things related to my role as a matchmaker, but also as a friend and advisor in every area of my clients’ lives. I have laughed, and even cried with clients so I really took it in my stride to get to know them personally which enabled me to match them with other members I felt really suited them.

I talk about my journey as a Matchmaker to show you why Matchmaking has the success it does in today’s world. There is a very personal element to why we do what we do. It’s not just about matching you with someone that fits your preferences but with someone we genuinely feel you will connect with, on many levels, as we get to know all of our clients on the same level of depth as we do you.

Modern times present a very challenging experience with dating, and I can personally relate to the experiences that singles endure. With scammers and fraudulent men and women, how safe is it really is to be sharing your personal information and photos, but also how well do we really know, or can we trust, the people we meet. It’s an awfully scary prospect.

As you can imagine, I have spoken with many prospective clients over the years and have been horrified at some of the experiences they have been through, anything from catfishing, to ghosting, to financial fraud and clients leading second lives. I once had a client, who fell in love with the man of her dreams who she found online. 6 months and a house they brought together later, it turned out, he was leading a complete double life, and had a separate family with his own children 5 miles away!

How We Work

The Ultimate Attraction offers a safe and secure way of dating with its very own vetting process. We proudly promote the values of the Dating Agency Association’s Dating Safety Campaign which encourages integrity, honesty and respect, throughout all levels of our matchmaking process. You can rest assured that each and every client has been carefully checked out and verified as genuine through our comprehensive authentication and verification system, brought to us by Lexis Nexis, giving total peace of mind to all.

We also ensure that we meet our clients and visit homes where possible to ensure your safety when going through this journey. As a senior advisor, I speak to clients daily and they all have their own reasons for turning to The Ultimate Attraction, but it ultimately comes down to privacy, confidentiality, safety and security, and having that ‘friend’ and personal matchmaker who is passionate enough to want to help you find your soulmate. 

My Standout Moments As A Matchmaker

I feel incredibly fortunate to have witnessed some fabulous stories and I would love to tell you a little about them. The first being a client I had put together in 2019. Sparks were flying from the moment they met and 3 years on are now engaged and living together, building on their future prospects. 

The second couple that stand out, were a 79-year-old female and 80-year-old male who at this stage of life, were looking for companionship. They were immediately captivated by each other and 18 months on, they got married. As you can see, love can show up when least expected, so it is always really important to keep an open mind. 

My next stand out moment as a Personal Matchmaker was when I had a client back in 2016 who I was extremely fond of, and over the course of her membership, I had built a strong bond with her. She was coming to the end of her time when a new client of mine came onboard and they seemed almost too perfect to be true! All these years later, I still keep in touch, and they are still very much together….

How We Can Help You

I believe fate has such a strong part to play in our lives and by the time you have come to contact us, there could already be someone waiting for you!

When your dating journey with us begins it is really important that I am able to establish who you truly are and what type of partner you seek. It then commences with an in-depth consultation at your home, our head-office or over a video link where we will put together a very professional and personal profile. From the time that you approve your profile, you will be introduced to your very own Personal Matchmaker, if not already, and she will utilise her strengths and skills to search diligently through our database to handpick prospective matches for you. 

We have a diverse client base of professionals all over the UK and typically aged between 30 – 70. Our clients are genuinely pro-active with a get up and go attitude to life. With sheer determination to succeed within their career and which enables our clients to lead a rich life filled with love, laughter and happiness, they want to invest in their future by using our service rather than leaving things to chance!