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Are you looking to meet a special partner or your soulmate, but are totally confused about how to go about it? From our experience at Ultimate Attraction thousands and thousands in the UK are. It used to be simple you found a reliable online site like eHarmony or Elite Singles and you paid you money and joined. In recent years though there seems to be so much more to it and that simple, straightforward approach has disappeared somewhat. 

In 2013 the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama, ran an edition called ‘Tainted Love’ about online dating and the problems that were starting to emerge from online sites. 

Here are the main issues Panorama highlighted:

  • Fake profiles running into millions in the UK alone.
  • British profiles being used abroad under different names.
  • Online companies having perpetual control over your data.
  • Sites signing you up and taking your money before clients has seen their terms and conditions.
  • The burgeoning crime rate – online dating crime being one of the UK’s fastest growing categories and serious crimes too, murder, rape, blackmail, extortion.
  • The distinct lack of privacy on online sites and apps – you photographs and highly personal details available to all, members and non members.
  • A lack of checking as to who is real and who is not.
  • No vetting of profiles, so that anyone could be anything to anybody, through lies and exaggerations.
  • Poorly written, boring and amateurish profiles, with photos that may well be 20 years out of date.
  • No help available, not even to get your money back when things haven’t worked or a number that only ever rings out – often abroad in Berlin and other far flung locations. 

Following that programme literally hundreds of people per month seemed to want to seek an alternative, most of them migrating back to traditional face to face dating agencies, like Ultimate Attraction, to work with a professional Personal Matchmaker, with all the benefits that go hand in land with that and its never stopped. Since that point every year we have got busier and busier and our data base has grown many times over since that point. So all of a sudden that straightforward option is back and at Ultimate Attraction, we rate here to help and make dating simple again. 

The Ultimate Attraction differentiators:

I.    Our Membership Adviser’s will handle your enquiry with courtesy and professionalism throughout, answering all of your questions carefully and honestly and give you a frank appraisal as to whether or not we can help you find love.
II.    We come to you where you at your very best and most comfortable, in your own home or alternatively offer you a VIP appointment at our centrally located office. 
III.    Our service is totally confidential and private – never would your personal details or photographs be live on a public dating site or app. 
IV.    Every potential joiner is personally interviewed and carefully vetted before being offered membership. 
V.    We will take you through one of the most comprehensive dating questionnaires in the industry and build you a professional profile, taking quality photographs if you wish in our specialist studio at Head Office. To make sure we present you 100% at your best. 
VI.    Working with your Matchmaker throughout the full period of your membership to find that soulmate – we offer memberships from 6 months through to a lifetime option and we can assure you of our closest attention and excellent levels of service throughout. Whichever option you choose.

Want to hear more? Then please ring us at our expense on our Freephone number 0800 644 4190 or complete our contact form on the website – one of our team will get back to you normally within 24 working hours.

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