Dating Safely While In Lockdown

Just a few short weeks ago everything was largely normal, the start of a new year and new decade was exciting and so many people in the UK seemed to go into it in a highly positive and optimistic frame of mind, full of hope, that 2020 was going to be their year. Little did we realise what was lurking around the corner with the Covid-19 coronavirus and how quickly it would develop into a global pandemic. The most serious situation we have faced since the Second World War. 

For many of us, away from the brave NHS, care home staff, transport workers, supermarket staff and other key workers on the front line (they are all our heroes), life has become very different in lockdown at home and that can be tough too, particularly for singles who are a loan. From a mental heath perspective, we are just not used to this and it seems to be against nature, as human beings were meant to have a partner and most of us seek that, which for many is currently impossible in lockdown. 

At Ultimate Attraction, we are continuing with our work, in bringing people together and although our staff are now working from home, we are largely continuing as normal. Dating has boomed since lockdown began, with online dating traffic surging, but we know that it is not for everybody. Most of our conversations start with the words “I have tried online dating but it isn’t for me…….”.

We understand that and the reasons why people who have been hurt by online dating in the past, simply will not go there again for a multitude of reasons, here’s just a few that people have told us about in the recent past: 

  • The people I meet online don’t seem to be genuine, so many times have I been mislead by people who simply aren’t who they purport to be.
  • There are huge amounts of scammers online and on dating apps – you just cannot trust what people are telling you and the true reasons they are online. 
  • I have come across so many people online whose photographs are so out of date that you are looking at someone completely different to how they looked in their profile. 
  • I have been tracked down and stalked by someone I chatted with, they have sent letters to my house, called my landline and made threats to me because I didn’t want to remain in touch.
  • If you use social media, people can track you down and trace you so easily.
  • I hate the lack of confidentiality that photos and personal details are in the control of the online dating company’s and apps - it is so very difficult to cancel. 
  • I rue the day this person got in touch, I realise now he had many convictions for dishonesty and violence. There are simply no checks by the online dating company’s into people’s backgrounds. 
  • Everything was going well on our first two dates, but when I agreed to a lift back home in his car, he became violent and sexually assaulted me. 

At Ultimate Attraction our procedures are tight and we deploy a strategy of total confidentiality, never would your personal details or photographs appear on a public website. We check out potential members very carefully too, with one of the most stringent and comprehensive authentication and verification systems in the UK. We also interview everyone face to face too, usually in a one to one meeting and currently by high quality video link. 

Our Personal Matchmakers also have access to one of the most comprehensive databases of attractive, personally interviewed, upmarket, carefully verified members from age 25, right up to retirement. We cover all of mainland Great Britain too – so as long as you live in England, Scotland or Wales, we are happy to take you on and are confident that our matchmakers will help bring that special person into your life – and yes even in a global pandemic too.  We enjoy a 95% success rate. 

Since lockdown we have introduced high quality video into our procedures. We are happy to chat to you on video via Zoom and our matchmakers are now going the extra mile by making every introduction online too, as an option. It’s a great way of kicking things off to see if there is a spark and you like that person, but without your date having your details in case you don’t want to take it any further. This is an extra feature to our service that we will retain after lockdown – so something good has come out of Covid-19 that we will always utilise now.

We hope you will join and give it a try. 

Like to know more? We are happy to talk things through with you and give you an overview of our service. Our Membership Advisory team are available from 9am until 9pm every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day on 0800 644 4190 or complete our contact form online and we’ll come back to you. Without any obligation too, so why not make that call today? We’d love to hear from you.