First Date Ideas

Alexandra’s Date Ideas And Top Tips For Your First Date

Since the pandemic, the dating world has been extremely hard to navigate. Well, most of us can appreciate how tough it was returning to ‘normal’, whatever that looks like… I know I had a tough time remembering what once was before lockdown, but I am now finding things easier and I’m back to living a fulfilled life, whether that’s enjoying peace in my own company and reflecting on my life, or with friends and family.


If, like me, you struggle to come up with new ideas, then this might just be the article for you. First dates are always tough to find something to do that’s not too intense. Do you enjoy a three-course dinner, or would you prefer something a little more laid back?


Our team of Personal Matchmakers are on hand to support and guide you through your first date should you need us to be, so here are just a few ideas to give you a head start. 


Walk In The Park

With health and well-being, at the forefront of most of our lives now, we tend to find that enjoying a beautiful scenic walk is something that we can all appreciate in life. It’s a simple, laid-back first date where there isn’t too much pressure to dress up or stare intensely in each other’s eyes!


Something Fun

I always find that a first date is usually successful when the focus is not on the people on the date itself but the surroundings and distractions where you can let your hair down and have fun. Enjoy a good game of bowling, let your competitive, flirty streak shine through and there is no doubt you’d be onto a second date!


Have A Chat Over Coffee

With a lot of single professionals very busy in today’s world it’s no wonder that scheduling a date can become more of a chore than it is exciting, so find time during a lunch break and get to know each other in a casual environment without the pressure. 


Looking For Something A Little More Thrill-Seeking?

Turn to a theme park for a fun day out and a great ice breaker on a first date. It’s a great way to figure each other’s personalities out, does she prefer to sail down the river, or fly down the log flume – it can be greatly revealing! You’ll never be short of things to talk about, and he may just win you a cuddly teddy for you to walk around with.


Visit A Museum

Are you a history buff? Visiting a museum is a great first date… Most museums are free or affordable and also allows you to have casual talk and it’s a great way to kill an awkward silence. Plus, if you like each other, you can extend the date by grabbing a coffee or light bite to eat. 


Go Hiking

If you both enjoy an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, then this is a great way to get to know each other. It can be a great activity to judge their fitness and perhaps your competition!


Go Watch A Live Comedy Show

Having a drink first may be wise with this one, to get comfortable and relaxed. A gig like this, will hopefully show you each other’s sense of humour so you can see if this is something you align together on as humour is extremely important in any relationship.


Attend A Sports Event

Did you pick up on each other’s profiles that you both have a love for sport? Well, what better way to share something you have in common and build on your connection immediately. Plus, any lack of communication or nerves won’t be noticed.


Half And Half

Once you have agreed on a date and if you have enough time to invest into each other, then both of you choose a favourite hobby and then spend the time invested in each other’s passion. What better way to get to know someone!

These are Alexandra, our senior consultants’ top ideas for a first date. She feels a romantic evening meal will definitely be on the cards for the second date for sure if you follow these top tips of what not to do on first date:


What Not To Do On A First Date

Talk about previous relationships and ex partners 
It can be rather off putting when you’re sitting there listening to all your dates past experiences, plus this should be an opportunity to establish whether there is any connection between you by asking questions about each other.

Do not swear
Swearing is so unattractive and can actually come across as quite rude and aggressive, especially when you don’t really know someone, so try to avoid at all costs. 

Be on time
There is nothing more frustrating than hanging around and feeling underappreciated as if your time is not as important as theirs, so just allow extra time to so those bad vibes aren’t there from the get-go. 

Constantly checking your phone
To make someone feel valued in life, you have to listen, so ensure you are gazing into each other’s eyes (don’t have wondering eyes around the room) and build rapport by listening and bouncing off each other’s stories. 

Don’t be too keen
It’s nice to feel wanted, for sure, but it is off-putting when someone comes on a bit strong, don’t be forceful, be playful!


When you choose an experience for your first date, try to find something neither of you have done before. It can be a great way to build a connection and have fun. If you hit it off, you’ll have a wonderful memory to share for the rest of your lives…


Dating Safely

When you’re dating, you will want to ensure you do it safely, by telling a friend or family member where you are going, and who you are with, or even better, through means of a personal matchmaker.


Here at The Ultimate Attraction, we pride ourselves in client safety and privacy, both of which is taken extremely seriously, and we promote the values of the Dating Agency Association’s Dating Safety Campaign which encourages integrity, honesty and respect, throughout all levels of our matchmaking process. You can rest assured that each and every client has been carefully checked out and verified as genuine through our comprehensive authentication and verification system, brought to us by Lexis Nexis, giving total peace of mind to all.