London Dating: How Ultimate Attraction Is Changing The Game

What is Ultimate Attraction and how is it changing the London Dating Scene?

Everyone who has ever been single in the city knows that it can be the loneliest place in the world. There’s a feeling of anonymity. As a result, it’s easy to feel ‘lost in the crowd’ within the London dating scene. It’s not unusual for young, city dwellers to cling to unhealthy connections, afraid of facing urban life alone. Hardly surprising then, that London singles feel more confused about love than any of their peers across the UK.

Until recently, online agencies and apps were the only affordable, proactive solutions. London matchmaking agencies appeared to be pushing an elitist agenda, with astronomical fees to boot. As a consequence, many singles were stuck in a cycle of disappointment via cheap, unregulated singles sites.

The team at Ultimate Attraction recognised the need for an exciting and sophisticated new option on the London dating scene. As a result of years of experience within the dating industry, they have been able to put together affordable personal matchmaking packages offering high-end service. Fully ID checked members, each personally interviewed by a member of the team. Head-hunting packages, to ensure the best chance of finding a perfect match. Social events in the city. Empathetic ‘human’ matchmakers. Dating coaches. Ultimate Attraction is as far removed from the rather twee image of matchmaking as it’s possible to be.

Each of us is driven by a need to be loved and understood. For those living alone in a city full of anonymous faces, there’s a heightened sense of isolation. The best possible option is to become a part of something that makes us feel great about ourselves and opens the doors to genuine, healthy connections. Ultimate Attraction offers a new way to find love that feels very fresh and nurturing. Why not give it a try?

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