Married At First Sight Series 9

Married at First Sight – Is Love Really Blind?

Our expert, Alexandra talks about the latest series of the very popular show Married at First Sight. With a genuine curiosity to essentially ‘blind dating’, is there really love at first sight? Married at First Sight is an American reality TV series, that first aired in 2014 based on a Danish series that aired in 2013 and has now been sold to broadcasters throughout the world. 

Currently, the Australian version, series 9, is really popular throughout the UK, and surely, I’m not the only one hooked! It made me think, how successful can, ‘love at first sight’ really be and sparked an interest with where we are with the couples to date. From what we know, currently five couples have lasted long-term since their seasons ended, with one couple expected to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary this year. 

Relationships Never Come Easy.

I know I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Cam and Jules from series six. They seem to be loving life with their baby, Oliver. 

Relationships never come easy. We all seek to find an instant spark, which is wonderful if that’s there, but that really is just lust and more often than not, it can take time to develop a deep connection with someone. Most people actually seek similar values; that is what is underlying in most of our connections with the people around us. 

Finding a Partner to Marry.

When you watch the singles, walking down the aisle for the first time, our clients can relate it to receiving a profile for the first time (without the commitment of a marriage) and it can be rather nerve-racking. Like the ‘experts’ on the show, we as Personal Matchmakers are there to support and guide our clients in helping them to face their true fears. 

Throughout the show, we see couples fall in love, sometimes straight away, and sometimes not. We often wonder, why do people have barriers when it comes to finding love, especially when you enter into a TV reality show such as Married at First Sight? It is ultimately the same when seeking out a Personal Matchmaker. 

Putting Your Faith Into the Experts.

In series 9, you witness Matt and Kate, and as a Personal Matchmaker, I can understand why the ‘experts’ put these two together – he is everything she asked for! With an immediate lack of attraction, instantly her attention was turned off and there seemed to be nothing he could do to get her to open up. It wasn’t until the experts pointed out her lack of effort, that she realised she needed to step it up. 

We also observed Cody and Selina, and Cody’s attraction wasn’t initially there for Selina, but they evidently blossomed and seem to be really well suited now… 

It proves that one just has to give this time patience, really put trust into the process.

Online Dating vs Personal Introductions Agencies.

With the likes of online dating and all that is on offer in the dating world, it is no wonder why there are more single people than those in relationships. The online scene is so very disposable, meaning that more and more of us have a lack of trust when it comes to finding love. How do you know that the person you are speaking to isn’t speaking to many other potential partners, meaning they’re not dedicated or committed to getting to know you entirely? 

When you dive into the world of Personal Matchmaking and here at Matchmakers you can rest assured that our clients are genuinely single and searching for a long-term, fulfilling relationship. We match our clients on a one-to-one basis only, ensuring that they are truly wanting to get to know you, and only you, on a deeper level. 

I Want to Find a Long-Term Partner. Is it Difficult?

Later on in the show, we saw new couples Daniel and Jessica and Carolina and Dion enter into the show. Sadly, Jessica and Daniel seemed to be unable to hit it off and personalities clashed instantly, whereas with Carolina and Dion, there was a lack of attraction. 

It soon became apparent that Carolina and Daniel found that initial spark and connection through varied interests, however, but does that mean they can make it work in the long-term? Who knows if their relationship will work beyond the show? 

Working With a Personal Matchmaker.

When our clients’ journeys begin, our Personal Matchmakers will get to know each of their clients, as more of a friend or confidant and they will be there to support them, just as you see the experts on the show. It is really important to have trust and faith in the process, as your Matchmaker will want only the best for you and could potentially see something you never thought possible…

Two lovely singles joined us during lockdown, and they were recommended to each other… Initially via their profiles, they both felt no connection. With a little encouragement from their Personal Matchmakers, they thought, ‘there is nothing to lose by just having an initial chat on the phone’. Even after the first initial call, they both came back to the Matchmakers, not quite convinced this could be something special, but again, a little reassurance from our team and they went out on a date. 

Well, you’ll never believe that they actually ended up moving in together and are still as happy as ever! 

It just goes to show that you never really know who the perfect person could be for you, so to always remain open-minded and allow yourself the opportunity to fall in love!