What makes the Ultimate Partner?

October 12th, 2022



The ultimate partner may not be from a fairy-tale but can still sweep you off your feet…


With online websites the dating search for a partner is promoted as ‘love at first sight’! Seen as a rush of interest from a person who then swipes right to the most immediately appealing of traits. But this love can fade quickly. What you actually need is a sense of harmony and commonality!

This is the ULTIMATE!

In a best-selling book known as The Rosie Project, Don Tillman, a university professor, lists out exactly what he desires in the perfect woman, such as brains, looks, and cooking skills. Don killed off all women that didn’t tick the boxes, until he met Rosie and yet she failed in all of his previous criteria. Don fell in love with Rosie for the ‘functional harmony’ he experienced. And describes how he, for the first time, felt alive, which is known as profound love…

hand holding

A self-certified tick list of the absolute features a person MUST have will prevent many people being happy for long. A sense of harmony together defies this list, throwing it out of the window and makes the whole search in fact…way more ‘spiritual’.

Functional harmony is best described as ‘internal calm and soulful knowing’ which in of itself prevents most personality clashes and resulting fall outs.

When things work in balance and natural joy then the individual person flourishes. A person’s keen interest in the activities of the partner that make them feel good is the secret, similar pursuits in life being number one…some say success is to be skilled at finishing another person’s sentences, like some psychic knowing, we put this down to being made for each other, but relating in ways that makes you feel comfortable is where love really is at…


One quality for the ultimate relationship is – being patient to your partner’s weaknesses and special sensitivities. For success in a relationship be prepared to alter preconceptions of what you think you want…essentially you need to live your life with someone who truly gets you. Some people cannot settle down as they are always yearning for a better option, but this is irradicated when enjoying activities together creates the biggest value. In other words ‘those that play together stay together’ and this is the way to prevent any misery of boredom that can grow into any shallower based love, thus giving deep personal satisfaction.

Love is wonderful, but if love obstructs personal flourishing, the relationship will not last long.

The Ultimate partner may not be the exact image of the person that you dreamed but it will be the one most suited in character giving you that happy blissful ending…


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