Where Is The Love? How To Find A Perfect Partner

August 16th, 2022



By Julia Suzuki

(Life and Love Coach, CEO of The Ultimate Attraction Dating Agency)

Julia Suzuki 'The Ultimate Attraction' dating agency CEO discusses the pathway love, how not to get lost in the dating roads that lead to nowhere and how to realistically find your happily ever after...

Big hello from Julia

I was thrilled when asked to be CEO of The Ultimate Attraction dating agency; navigating this fabulous luxury lifestyle brand into the ‘now times’ of dating and romance, is set to be an exciting journey. Not only was it divine timing when I was asked to come onboard, but in other ways I feel that it’s very much my personal calling. The joy I get from helping people find love is wonderful. We all have a purpose in life, and I consider this to be a part of mine, for I intrinsically believe ‘love is all there is’. My goal - and role - is to help as many people as possible avoid the pitfalls and find lasting love that makes their heart sing. Knowing the challenges first hand - and as an international love coach to hundreds of individuals - I can offer advice from both a real and professional perspective.

Love costs us

Let’s face it, from spending hours and endless £’s on male and female grooming, to draining the bank balance on buying outfits to look the part and keep on trend, to hefty membership costs at the gym in order to look physically attractive and, even our choice of cars, to look the business, it is clear that we all aim to be ‘attractive’ and to ‘attract’ and/or keep the right partner. But there is nothing as valuable and costly as time lost when seeking love in our life. For some finding love may seem a never-ending quest; for others, of course, they are lucky to find love at an early age. But in all respects love is the essence of us and is in our core being. The advertising industry truly focuses on this basic need we have and drives us to believing we need it ‘all’ to be worthy when, in truth, a healthy mindset and correct approach to love is the most essential thing. Knowing the best places and ways to find love can really help to cut short this process and throughout the months I will be offering tips on this - with style, health, and mindset advice. A matchmaking agency such as our ‘The Ultimate Attraction’ is a great investment as it can help quicken the process to finding love, whether it’s for the first time or again if you have lost love. And there are other essential suggestions to maximise the chance of finding Miss or Mr Right.

Where to find love

Whilst a matchmaking agency is there to help you find potential matches it is also necessary to do all that you can to improve the chances of finding an ideal match. The standard guidance is to take up new hobbies and interests; this way you have more chance of finding someone aligned with your likes and dislikes. Ask friends if they know anybody; after all, birds of a feather flock together so chances are their friends are your kind of people. Socialise at every opportunity, just get up and go because love can come from the most unlikely of places. Chat to people: opening conversations will boost your network, also giving you more confidence for when you do end up chatting on dates. Be open because what you think would be perfect for you may, in fact, be the opposite - in other words, “have a little faith” as George Michael said so well!

Dress for success

Your clothes say everything about you and feeling good is important. We all need style tips now and again to help us look as attractive as we can, to match our own personality. Whilst you don’t want to be anything but you, you should be the best version of you. There are outfits that most men find attractive and the male species is very much driven by what they see. Here are a few looks for 2022 that really will give you the ‘attractor factor’: a shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, a full length slim fitted jumpsuit, wear the colour red, which is just a naturally sassy colour, an oversized shirt, a leather jacket, a flowery sundress, leather pants, oversized sweaters, anything in lace and all clothing in pink. For men to attract a female you can show her your wild side with a bold shirt, keeping it sharp with a three-piece suit. Women judge a man by his shoes so keep them on vogue or make it casually appealing with a smart sweatshirt and pants, and, if you have the biceps, a good brand T shirt. I shall be giving more detailed style advice in future blogs but the essential number one piece of guidance when single is to always dress to impress.

Loving yourself first

It may sound cliché, but this cannot be overstated. If we don’t love ourselves can we really expect anyone else to love us? Sure, we don’t want to become a raving narcissist (that’s something I will touch on in later editorial) but self-care and self-love is key. So, what is self-love? Essentially, it’s about believing you are ‘good enough’. Comparison really is the thief of joy; we all have different qualities and talents and there is somebody for everybody. Once we stop comparing ourselves to others, we find our own confidence and that oozes out to make us more attractive. Allow yourself to have made mistakes and accept them as part of life and see them as ‘miss-takes’ - take 1 - take 2 - take 3. After all practice makes perfect. Getting out there on dates and trying new types is crucial. Remember your value does not just lie in how you look. Whilst presentation is important because it is how the world still tends to judge, it is your personality that will win the game of life so living life to the full will make you more interesting. Let go of toxic exes! Keeping them even as friends can affect your energy and ability to move forward. When you feel strong enough, if they are not truly there for you and do not add to your confidence and zest for life, then there comes a point when it’s time to move on. Process your fears with spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and listen to the words of some of the spiritual gurus and love experts. Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay are three of my favourites, who all have tons of content on YouTube for free and their books are available on Amazon. Finally, trust yourself enough that you will make good decisions. Your gut instinct is a great guide and, if in doubt, pause and take your time. Life is a marathon not a sprint. If there is anything you really feel is a block, then finding a qualified counsellor is the best route forward to true healing. The less baggage the better as you move into a new relationship.

Where you can go wrong in the dating world

Matchmaking agencies are, for many, a rescue vehicle. It is a shallow world out there in the free dating app area, where many see dating as some kind of vacuous, human swap shop. It was just 18 months ago that my own PR Manager approached me with a request from ‘The Daily Mail’ about why I believed that single living was the route to sanity. I can’t say that the Daily Mail gave a truly representative account in how they presented this (they always sensationalise and make you look a certain way for their own ends) but reading it back I could see I had become totally jaded by the dating world due to these apps. A series of failed relationships for various reasons can leave you feeling that way (when using the cheap shot sites) but when we take responsibility and look for solutions, we to know that life is a series of lessons, and we have to look deep into the self to discover this. Or as I feel this is best summarised ‘you cannot go to a discount store expecting to come out with Prada’. I have since changed my opinion on the dating world. I now know you can find and have it all with the right person and they are out there. The Ultimate Attraction is a top end dating agency where calibre people go to find love. I have heard many stories of love that have worked out and the reasons why, but the thing about all things, is that you need to have the right attitude and put yourself out there in the right domain. Being single is not the answer; it’s better than being in a wrong relationship that’s for sure, especially one that drains you or where you cannot be yourself. But who doesn’t want it all? And I believe life is for achieving the whole and real thing, which is where matchmaking fits in.

Mutual Attraction

Whilst many people believe they will be happier with that special “someone” to share life with, it is important for that somebody to bring the formula of mutual physical attraction, maturity, and the essence of fun, accepting that there will be ups and downs, and being willing to work through that. So much in life is about divine timing, understanding that you need to be in the right place emotionally, understanding too that it won’t always be perfect, riding the winds of change, sharing standards and, most of all, the need for both of you to be looking in the same direction.

About The Ultimate Attraction

At The Ultimate Attraction we offer 1-2-1 coaching session to ensure you go into the process with the right expectations and perspective. With diplomas as life and relationship coaches, and having personally coached many people worldwide, we know what it takes to make love last - although there really are no absolute secrets, fate has to take its own course.


I for one believe in the saying ‘a private life is a happy life’. Do you want your love status broadcast to thousands, often hundreds of thousands, of people? Worse than that, nobody is truly vetted, either criminally or financially, on many dating apps. Time is finite and you really don’t want to make mistakes time after time with wrong fits. There is somebody for everybody but finding your right someone is a process of elimination that 'The Ultimate Attraction' can help with for those that need it. Total privacy is just one of the amazing benefits that The Ultimate Attraction offer; your profile is not shared outside the community and that is a huge advantage.

Love comes and goes Love comes in various ways. Maybe you met years ago, and it wasn’t the right timing and you both had issues to work through. Or maybe you find yourself single later in life because of various circumstances. But if love doesn’t fall at your feet, or you are suffering from lost love, our team will help you find someone who matches your wishes and lifestyle.

Without risking something you risk everything

Is The Ultimate Attraction the only way to find love? Of course not. Some find it in real life or get back with an ex after years apart. Some find it in the supermarket, out dancing, or via work. What The Ultimate Attraction does is to help you optimise your chances. And when you do find ‘The Ultimate Attraction feeling’ then treat it right, protect it right, love it right because if there’s one thing I have learned in my life, having travelled the world and through so many life experiences, it is that Love Really Is All There Is.. and I hope to help many find the love that is perfect for them.

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